Pallets: The Most Versatile Option for Goods Security While ExportingIt


Pallets as we all know comes in various materials, sizes and configuration and it caters all the needs and requirements of the customers. Pallets are used worldwide as a transporting material which safeguards the goods and thus serves it purpose. Pallets is nothing but a small, low, portable platform on which goods are placed for storage or moving, as in warehouse or vehicle. Pallets can do both, i.e. it can store as well as transport goods, with the help of trucks for moving it, in warehouse or factory. Any international trade is incomplete without pallets as it ensures better packaging and it helps us to make sure that the products sent, reaches its destination safely and without any damage.

Pallets are not made by using just one type of material. It is rather made using different materials which results into various types of pallets, which can be selected as per the requirement and budget of the company who want to buy them. There are many advantages and disadvantages of each pallet type. Although, this list of the various types of pallets is not comprehensive, but it does describe the main and most common types of pallets out there and one can thus have an idea about which pallet type suits his needs and wants.

Timber Pallets:

It is one of the most common material used to make pallets. Timber pallets can be softwood palletsas well as hardwood block pallets. There are many advantages of using timber as an option for pallets. It is strong, flexible and it is very convenient to use them. You won’t find any difficulty while dealing with them. It often happens that timber pallets gets affected while travel and is extensively used for onetime travel when your exporting goods to other countries. But, it can be repaired or can be disposed and recycled into pulp and that pulp can be used for different products.

Metal Pallets:

The usage of Metal pallets has increased significantly in over the years; however, they are far less commonplace than their wooden counterparts and comprise only a small percentage of the pallet marketplace. They are mostly used for storing and in transporting especially large or heavy cargo because of their exceptional strength and durability. However, metal pallets are usually very heavy themselves and therefore more difficult to manufacture, and as a result much more expensive. Different types of metal are used for palletsmost commonly stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminium. Generally, carbon steel provides excellent durability at a lower cost than stainless steel or aluminium and thus it is used more as compared to its other counterparts.

Plastic Pallets:

The plastic pallet is another type of pallet used for storing and transporting cargo. Over the period plastic pallets has gained popularity among the transporters because of its durability and affordability. Plastic pallets are the most durable option when it comes to choosing a pallet for transporting your goods. But one of the drawback of using them is that it is difficult to repair them unlike timber pallets.

Cardboard Pallets:

Cardboard pallet is another type of pallet which is made of cardboard and it is comparatively newer in the market. This type of pallets is light in weight and can be recycled easily unlike metal pallets. It is also one of the most affordable option for pallets. It is can be used for the products which are light in weight. Their lifespan is less because the material used to manufacture it.

Pallets have been the best option for protecting the goods that one plans to ship. There many types of pallets available made of different materials. And one chooses those pallets which suits their criteria. Importance of pallets can be realised when one tends to export their products to the world market or to the far of places in the home country.


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