Visit Northeast India the First Time and Then Million Times Over


Darjeeling is a hill station that is one of a kind. Anybody who has been to Darjeeling will agree that it is a beautiful place despite the crowded, apparently chaotic busy parts of the town. The recent political disturbances in the area worried us all because we do not want to lose a beautiful place to violence. But now that things have been settled, we must make Darjeeling tour while we still have time.

Club the Spots

Northeast India might seem like a tiny part of the country speaking area wise. But geographically speaking, this part of the country has it all. Lakes, waterfalls, monasteries, huge mountains, some snow if you are there in the right time, forests, literally everything that can make a place beautiful. So, even in that little area, there are way too many places worth at least one visit in a lifetime. So, it would be wise to club a few places together on a single trip.

If you are going to Darjeeling, check out the Darjeeling Gangtok tour packages and find out how you can cover some parts of Sikkim along with Darjeeling and Kalimpong. It is not too tough and the weather makes things easier for you. Northeast India has a very comfortable climate. Despite being a hilly area, the altitude isn’t too high to hinder with your breathing. In fact, when you are away from pollution, into the forest hills, you will feel healthier than ever before.

So, go for a trek, or go for a long trip covering multiple spots. I can promise you, you will not fall sick. The worst physical discomfort you can feel as a healthy person, would be the backaches from long hours of travelling, and some nausea, for which you can take precautions.

Best Time to Visit

Northeast India is cool during summers, a little too cold during winters, but cold lovers will find it comfortable and wonderful during autumn and spring. The problem area is the rainy season. If you visit any time around May to August phase, you will be making a big mistake. Unless of course, your plan is to sit there in your hotel room, sip hot coffee reading a book, and occasionally look out the window to see the rain drops racing each other down the window pane.

So, we have established that the rainy season is not a good time to go if you want to roam around, explore the place, and enjoy long walks or drives. The rainy season is not very safe either because this is the time of the year when most of the landslides occur. Not to scare you, but you need to know.

Now, coming to the best time to visit the Northeast, it depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for the waterfalls in their full glory, go around summer, which is when the glaciers melt and the rivers and waterfalls are nice and lofty. The weather too is pleasant around March and April and the beginning of May.

If you want a little chilly weather, go around the festive season, October to November, or right after the peak winter season, that is February. If you just want to enjoy the peak winter, December and January is the time to go.

Tiger Hill

The special thing about Darjeeling is the Tiger Hill viewpoint, from where you get to see the Sun cast a rainbow dance on the Kanchenjunga. Yes, it is real. The pictures aren’t photo shopped. Autumn skies are clear. You stand the best chance to get to see this extraordinary phenomena if you go around September or October. Don’t get your hopes too high though, it often takes a few tries before you get lucky. Make sure you are there on spot before the sunrise time.

You can see the Kanchenjunga, sparkling white, peaks from most Northeast India sites. You get the closest view from Loleygaon, Lava, Rishop Viewpoint, Deolo Viewpoint, Kalimpong, and some other places. But what you get to see from the Tiger Hill Viewpoint does not compare to anything else.

If you are booking one of the Northeast India tour packagesfor your Darjeeling trip, you can get the people to arrange a car to take you to Tiger Hill.

Overall Sightseeing

Northeast India offers you the sound of the bells in temples early in the morning, vast areas of monasteries on the top of smaller hills, waterfalls that you can reach near enough to get wet under, villages that have the population of just about 100, and cities that are bustling with the noise of a busy day.

You get the Darjeeling toy train, various art galleries and shops with archived artwork, zoos and jungles, and trek paths safe enough to let only leeches bother you during the daytime. So, if you are planning a Northeast India trip, start just about anywhere. Darjeeling is beautiful despite the crowd. The Darjeeling factor is something you will not get in any other hill station. You will feel so close to home with the old architecture, and so cosy with the busy streets. No wonder the Bengalis are obsessed with Darjeeling. If you lived that close to a place like that, you too would want to go spend a week there every six months.

But that is out of question because you have Gangktok, Peling, Shillong, Kalimpong, Sillery, Ichchegaon, so many places to visit and spend a few nights clearing your head. So grab one of those modules for Darjeeling Gangtok tour packages and start marking the places you want to visit this time around.


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