12 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Having a Mobile App


The way we conduct business is changing. It seems that everything anymore is moving online and becoming more convenient. Even the way we conduct transactions is changing as we turn toward chip-based debit and credit cards. One frontier of web-based technology that is become more and more useful is apps. How can a mobile app benefit your business, though?

1. Increases Visibility

If you have an app, you are more visible to customers at all times. Instead of having to look up your website on a search engine, they have a reminder on their phone constantly visible in the form of an icon. This means a lot in an age when everyone is constantly on their phones – some studies shown as much 2 hours a day!

2. Notifications Help Visibility as Well

Playing off the idea that an app gives you more visibility thanks to its icon, there is the idea of notifications. Many apps notify users of different things. For instance, your business’ app might notify users when there’s a sale. By doing this, you are making your presence known to users even in moments when they aren’t actively thinking of you.

3. Apps Come with Speed

When you have news from your company – new inventory or a last minute event – it’s important to get that news across. You could always create a social media post or post on your website and hope that your customers see it but, once again, there is a benefit to an app in which your customers are directly notified once there is news.

4. Personalization

When someone has a profile on your app, you have the chance to personalize the content they see even further than you can on a website or social media platform. This personalization works well in marketing and draws customers back in.

5. Allowing Access to Offline Content

If you can allow for online content to be accessed offline – such as certain posts or content specific to that user’s profile – you are offering more access to your company. It isn’t going to be constant that your customers have data or WiFi, so if you can offer them content without these, you will stand out from your competition.

6. Encourages Interaction

Apps also make it easier for customers to interact with businesses. This is because an app can be used much like a messenger on a phone which is much easier to use than going on a web browser or making a phone call.

7. User-Friendliness

When you are customizing a website, you are somewhat limited in what you can do. With an app, though, you aren’t as limited in the functions you can use. This is because you aren’t limited to a browser, you can build your app from the ground up with a myriad of features.

8. Cost Saving

Getting an app built and off the ground can cost a little money. Once you get the app up and running, though, it can have the same effect as social media and give you low cost advertising. If it is a paid app, you might even make a slight profit!

9. Search Engine Optimization

Since apps are web-based, they can help with you website’s SEO. If you optimize your app, you can see the results when someone searches similar content online. The more content of your business that ranks near or at the top of a search, the better.

10. Convenience

Finally, there is the fact that an app is simply convenient and that makes people more likely to interact with your business. If someone can shop through your content or place an order for a service with a few clicks of a button, they are much more likely to do that than to find a website they like or place calls.


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