What Are The Accessories For Inert Gas Purging?


Weld purging is a process where inert gas is used to stop oxidation and easily done by using inflatable tube and pipe in case of tubes and pipes with the help of sealing the weld region. There are other techniques also available like using expanding plugs, membranes, tapes et cetera. The sealed region is filled with helium or argon which prevents contamination at the time of welding.

Inert gas purging is a reliable process for welding Stainless Steel, Titanium and Nickel alloy

By Inert Gas Purging inside the tubes and pipes, we can prevent oxidation and as result avoid discoloration. The procedure is so simple that it saves ample time and money. While it is done by die grinder with a flapper wheel for cleaning inside of the pipe, it is quite difficult for the technicians to purge lines during the welding process. The products going through this process are often contaminated and the troubleshooting process is more difficult as the machine operator or the pipefitter may not be able to get the correlation. Instead, inert gas purging makes greater sense and much more convenient.

The inert gas purging process

The inflatable punching system technology has got a huge leap in recent years with the development of fusion techniques which is very crucial for the welder to produce sound joints in very short time and make it without any defect which arises by oxidation in unprotected joints.

The advanced polymer is introduced in the new series of purge system in the construction along with the introduction of specialized gas valve Technology for covering the pipe diameter as small as 25mm or 1 inch.

The pipe will be welded by inserting the collapsed purge system. And as the inert gas is admitted, it will inflate up to a preset pressure point where the gas will be diverted into the purge volume. The gas will keep on flowing until the reading of the weld purge monitor will show the correct oxygen level. It will continue until the process of welding is completed and after that, cooled sufficiently so that the purge system can be withdrawn safely. The secret of success of this innovative method is the use of innovative low profile gas valves.

The accessories

The Argon Gas Feed Hose is assembled with leak-proof fittings that are attached immediately to the inflatable tube and pipe weld purging systems at one end and to the source of gas being used at the other end. This high-quality Argon Gas feed Hoses are also used for the transportation of nitrogen and provide a complete leak proof end fitting that ensures the welders with an ensured leak-tight method of feeding argon gas to their weld zone without being contaminated and thus makes Inert Gas Purging the most preferred process.

The other TIG/GTAW welders can also use the Argon Gas Feed Hoses for their own special requirement of fitting. The hoses are available in a standard range of lengths of 30 m, 25 m, 20 m, 15 m, 10 m, and 5 m. having each of them a temperature range of – 30 degree to 80 degree Celsius.


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