What is the most common reason why people immigrate to Canada?


I recently moved from New York City to British Columbia, Canada, and it is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here are the things I love about Canada so far.

Efficiency. I know my fellow Canadians complain about the wait time for things like surgery and ICBC(DMV) here. But I really appreciate how fast things are moving. One week after I landed, I went to Service Canada and got my SIN on that day, no wait time. I went to ICBC to change my license into the local one, it took me no time to be helped with great details on the instructions. No more bureaucratic stuff as NYC at all!

People. They are nice, like will greet stranger kind of nice. As someone lived in New York for quite sometime it is something absolutely new to me.

Discrimination. Even in New York, where millions of immigrants live, I was constantly reminded by the government about how I don’t have the right to work but the duty to pay and report tax. It sucks not being able to live a life like a citizen would do. It’s fine for me to not have the right to vote and claim social benefit, but no chance to work as a student? That’s too much. But here in Canada, people understand that immigration is what made Canada where it is. I am able to work as anyone else(under certain circumstances) and use health care like them. I feel welcomed by this country and I would give all I have to make Canada a better place.

Health Care. Like I said earlier, immigrants use the same healthcare system as the citizens, paying at most $900/year in premium. It. Feels. Great. I never need to worry about getting injured playing sports or getting a cold. So I can focus on how to work better instead of how to pay the crazy bills.

And to whomever is reading this. As an immigrant, I know how difficult it can be to live a different life in another country. Don’t be scared, we were you, and we’ll be with you when you arrive.

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