Yoga for Men in Midlife


Midlife, it’s that perplexing time of life when we hear two voices calling to us, one says “why not?” and the other, “why bother?” At midlife, there is suddenly this hurry and panic striking on us to realize that half our life may already be over and there is perhaps isn’t much time left! The triggers of this condition, commonly termed as the ‘midlife-crisis’ could be many things, from the death of a parent to children leaving home for college, or a serious evaluation of career goals met.

The ultimate sign of change and culmination that stares us most blankly in the eye and gives us the stress of our lives is perhaps the stark truth of the ageing body. And what can one do to accept and reconcile in a positive way, with this suddenly setting sense of shift from youth to old age? Yoga might help!

Pranayama and Yoga for Preventing Hair Loss

Male-pattern baldness is a genetic trait that a lot of men acquire hereditarily and the pattern sets off with the onset of midlife. The patterns may vary from a gradually receding hairline, a bald crown or vertex, and general thinning. This is aggravated by unwholesome habits and stress.

While genetics is a territory of the limits of your control, you can do your best to keep the loss under check, following yogic exercises for blood flow and nutrients to hair follicles and a stress reductive orientation with pranayama breathing. Any kind of Forward Fold or Inversion asanas is great for flowing rich blood to the scalp and hair follicles.

The Yogic Attitude of Living in the Moment

If there is one eternal, unchanging truth, it is the truth of constant change. Therefore, every moment is precious. In the twilight zone of life at middle ages, the mind is often too preoccupied with already gone by memories of the past or anxieties regarding the future. The discipline of yoga to which mindfulness is integral, helps you engage the whole of you, body and mind into the task of the moment and leaving unproductive musings for your leisure.

The yogic method of centering the mind on the ever-present is to meditate upon breathing. Whenever you feel your mind taking a flight away from reality, caught in nostalgia, melodrama, or anxiety-ridden despair, bring your attention back to your breathing. Observe the negativities flushing out through the exhale and the life coursing through your blood on the inhalation.

Yoga for Holistic Health

Yoga is known to add years to one’s life and more importantly, life to one’s years because the brand of therapy yoga promotes is not of temporary symptom removal. The prescription goes for a holistic measure of good living involving nutritious food, sufficient exercise, and wholesome habits.  If you are living by this code sincerely, health will be yours, irrespective of age and the changes in the body that come with age naturally.

A lot of men hit with midlife start taking the change with panic, manifesting in the obsessive habit of looking up symptoms on the internet and buying an insane lot of nutrition supplements to compensate for a loss of vigor of some kind. The overhaul of fitness routines and obsession over compensating health deficits would come to a stop as yoga will restore equilibrium in your approach.

Curing Insomnia with Yoga

Men approaching the middle age report more restlessness and disruption in their normal sleeping pattern. This can owe majorly to the increased stress levels. You may get your mind heavy over matters of your number days in employment, post-retirement plans and policies, and subsequent familial concerns. Since stress is a serious obstruction to the peace of mind, the restful state essential for sleep can be hard to come by. A practice based on the sessions of restorative yoga during these times of mounting stress can help you wind down and earn a goodnight’s sleep.

Yoga for Preserving Bone Health

Loss of bone mass and density with the progression of age is another downer for the midlife. There happens to be a major change in the gait and poise of a man due to the weakening of the skeletal framework. You might tend to slouch and face trouble keeping your spine erect. Often, there are associated symptoms of osteoporosis and severe joint pain. To aid this condition, you can follow a 12-minute bone health boosting yoga session every day, restoring flexibility and strength in your frame.

Recharging Your Life Drive With Yoga

At midlife, men experience andropause a syndrome akin to menopause in women. Though reproductive abilities are not lost, a decrease in sex drive is evident and this is often wrongly translated as a loss in one’s virility and thereafter descending into the despairs of existential crisis.

An orientation with yoga will help you reconcile with your body and not let it offset your drive for life. The discipline will help you buffer the psychological backlashes of andropause, steady emotional triggers, and reset the drive of your life to something greater.

Finding a New Direction

At a macroscopic level, yoga takes away the taboo and fear off the process of ageing. As you learn to turn your gaze more inwards, quite paradoxically you will become less self-centered and then there will be new reasons to live for.

Instead of buying snazzy clothes and a sports car, like midlife crisis-hit stereotypes are shown doing, you can use your time and age-wisdom to teach and be of service to the society in any form.

Age, but gracefully!

Author Bio: Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides Yoga Classes in Bangalore. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.


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