Your Guide to Electric Bikes


In this blog, we’re going to unleash everything about electric bikes. An electric bike is similar to a regular bike, but it provides you some extra power while pedalling. All electric bikes fall under one of the two categories; (1) pedelec (pedal assist) and (2) power on demand (throttle based).

Pedelec: These electric bikes assist you when pedalling. They provide a comfortable and easy ride, and they turn off automatically when you’re not pedalling or applying the brakes.

Power on demand: Unlike pedelecs, throttle-based electric bikes don’t require you to pedal and allows to cruise around the city on pure motor power. The reason is that pedals and the motor work independent of each other. Power on demand electric bikes also have two categories of their own, mountain bikes and electric commuter bikes.

  • Electric mountain bikes: They have extra power for riding uphill and assisted descent. You don’t have to huff and puff on the trails anymore, as you’ll be at ease riding. Their design includes more durable frames, stronger tires and wheels, and they are available in full suspension and hard trail models.
  • Electric commuter bikes: This category is the best alternative to cars, as you can get around town in an easy manner. They have a lean structure and are referred to as green commuting machines, which helps the environment.

Motor specifications

The motors in electric bikes are usually a mid-drive (crank) motor or a hub motor. Both of them differ in technology and the way they work. Below are a few notable variations:

  • Mid-drive motor: These motors provide higher performance and torque while driving and they move the crank and not the wheel. This allows you to enjoy a greater advantage of gears in the bike. Maintaining these motors is easy, simple, and you don’t have to spend a lot on repairs. You can even remove the motor just by taking out two bolts and not affect other parts of the bike. This also implies that you can visit any regular bike shop; however, this is not possible with hub motors as they require some complex service.
  • Hub motors: These motors are placed inside the hub, which is present at the rear or front part of the wheel. They operate independently from the drive train. The electricity runs through wires of copper, rotates the hub, and moves the bike forward and backward.

Warranty and maintenance

If you look after your bike in a proper way, then you don’t need regular maintenance and you can keep your electric bike in good condition by cleaning it daily. The two main components of electric bikes are the motor and the battery, both of which are not serviceable because they are tightly sealed. Thus, any problem that occurs with these two components would need replacement under warranty. That’s why you should always read the warranty policy of the electric bike you’re going to purchase. 


The lifespan of batteries in an electric bike are limited as their power to store and deliver electric energy decreases over time. Manufacturers make use of an intelligent battery management system, which protects the bike from discharging, overcharging, and excessive temperatures. 

  • How long do the batteries last? There are a few factors which are responsible in deciding the lifespan of batteries:
    1. Weight of your bike
    2. Size of the battery
    3. Weight of the rider
    4. Terrain on which you usually ride

If we consider Bosch motors, we can say that with a rider having weight of 175 lbs who rides 50 miles at a speed of 12 miles/hr, using the bike in touring mode or Eco mode would be able to ride 3 years without changing out the batteries. The Shimano company’s batteries have a life of about 1,000 charges/37,000 miles. 

  • How do you charge it? In the latest electric bike models, you are allowed to remove the battery and charge them separately at any ordinary power point, the same way you would charge any other battery.
  • How long will it take to completely charge the battery? For complete charging, it can take up to 4 hours.

 Before you buy any electric commuter or mountain bike

When you’re ready to buy a new bike, you must try it before purchasing. This way you can talk to an expert and find out if it’s really comfortable for you. This is more essential for electric mountain bikes, as mountain bike riding is dangerous.

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